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A solo exhibition by Steve Williams

My art practice is an exploration of and fascination with expressive mark-making, following in the tradition of gestural abstraction. The common thread underpinning my work is a search for childlike spontaneity and authenticity, honesty and openness. I am intrigued by layers; the surface of things and what lies underneath; there is a continual revealing or obscuring, in which the history of the work, with all its flaws and scars, is laid bare. In this way, my work is about humanity and our experience.

My main body of work during the past few years has been inspired by my enduring affinity to nature and the elements. My references are the rugged crags and fells of the Lake District, and, latterly, the cliffs and coastal paths of Cornwall. Deliberately adopting a reduced palette, revelling in the infinite variations of browns and greys, these works represent my striving for equilibrium, a constant grappling with form & space, light & dark. To me, they are also portraits of the soul.

In Autumn 2020, I made a stark change by embracing my love of colour, using the loop motif of my earlier works. My first series of paintings in this new direction - as typified by ‘Kynance cove, i’ and ‘Between earth and heaven’ - use a palette of browns, greens and blues on a flawed off-white background. I intend these works to convey a more contemplative and peaceful quality. The second series of works - see ‘Doolally rhapsody’ and ‘Beatitude’ - using bold, vivid colours, were a resiliently buoyant response to the stress of isolation and the coming winter. With this series I want viewers to bask in the colours and feel exhilarated, to feel the energy and exuberance of the piece.

The underlying themes of these current series of works are of acceptance, reconciliation, joy and hope.

Opening Times

Friday 11 June, 2pm - 6pm

Saturday 12 June, 2pm - 6pm

Sunday 13 June, 10am - 1pm

Where to find us

This event is at 571 Oxford Road, Reading. Public transport is available from Reading town center and Reading station if you are visiting from elsewhere.