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Confronting the Disappearances: Polam Chan, Carrie Shen and Wai Hang Siu

Confronting the Disappearances is an exhibition by Polam Chan, Carrie Shen and Wai Hang Siu, Hong Kong born artists who are now based in the UK. It features sculpture, photography and video installation, which were inspired by the democratic movement in Hong Kong from 2019 to 2020. The artworks present a subversive critique, reflecting the city’s devastation and the artists’ reactions to the democracy crisis, censorship and the dismantling of freedom of expression. The exhibition stands as witness to this critical moment in the history of Hong Kong.

Organised by Charles Wong.

Exhibition Opening

Saturday 4 March, 3 - 5pm.

Featuring a live guitar solo performance.

Opening Times

11am - 5pm

Open Wednesday to Sunday.

Where to find us

This event is at 571 Oxford Road, Reading. Public transport is available from Reading town center and Reading station if you are visiting from elsewhere.